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We respect your right to privacy while using this site.  While we accept advertising, we will release only the following information to advertisers:

  • The number of times their ad was displayed
  • The number of “click throughs” their ad received.

While you may have heard from the popular media that web sites can tell who you are while on-line, we choose to not track your activity while on this site.  We figure that if you want us to know you were here and want to hear from us, you will subscribe to our newsletter or send us an email.

Likewise, our advertisers know that if you choose them to contact you, you will click on their advertising banner and send them a request for information.  Only then will you hear from them.

And if you ever don’t want to hear from us, we will remove you from our distribution list and you won’t hear from us again (though you will be sadly missed.)

We may use your information to thank you for your visit or to send you an announcement for the tournament next year.  Again, if you do not want to hear from us again, just tell us and we won’t bother you.

To read our full privacy policy, click here.  Also, the Terms of Service may be of interest.

Thank you.

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