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Rules for the 2018 KYSA Slurpee Cup

Only teams affiliated with their provincial or state governing body are eligible to participate in the tournament!

A representative(s) of each team should register at the KYSA office on Friday, May 18th between the hours of 4:00pm and 8:00pm to collect their team package and submit their “official team roster” sheet, if not done so already online, by fax or email. These packages will contain, amongst other things, final schedules, copies of the official tournament program, souvenir water bottles and free Slurpee coupons for each player. Please note: the KYSA office is located on the west side of the MacArthur Island Park, next to Field #2 (look for sign directed to nearest parking lot).

In the event that a team representative cannot get to the KYSA office by 8:00pm Friday, the team packages will be available at the KYSA office from 9:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday, May 19th. However, the KYSA must receive a copy of your team roster before your first game, either online or by hand delivery, fax or email.

The KYSA office is the “headquarters” for the tournament, and will be staffed throughout the weekend in the event of anyone needing assistance.

Under-11/Under-12 teams can carry up to 16 players.
Under-13 through Under-17 teams can carry up to 20 players.
Under-18 teams can carry up to 22 players.

Team rosters are frozen once an official team list has been submitted at tournament HQ. Remember, team roster sheets must be submitted to the KYSA office before your team plays its first game!

No players can be added to a team roster once the tournament commences. Players cannot play for more than one team in the tournament. Anyone found guilty of playing an ineligible player(s), could face a protest by the opposing team, and disciplinary action by the KYSA, which could include the forfeiture of points or even expulsion from the tournament. All players must be properly registered with their club and provincial association.

It is very difficult to police the eligibility of all players on so many teams. Any player who is challenged regarding his or her age shall be required to provide proof-of-age to verify their eligibility to play in a particular division. We rely on the honesty and integrity of all coaches and managers to adhere to age restriction policies.

Individual team lists are NOT required for each individual game. Also, referees will not be checking ID cards before every game. However, in the event that a playerʼs age or eligibility is questioned, either a club or provincial player ID card and/or a birth certificate must be available as a source of identification, if requested.

All games in the tournament consist of 2 x 30 minute halves, with a 10-minute half-time break. All teams must be ready to kick-off within five minutes of the scheduled time of a scheduled match. If for some reason, games do not start within five minutes of the scheduled kick-off, the referee may have to cut short the playing time so the match finishes on schedule.

There is no overtime played in any game. Teams that are tied on points at the end of round-robin play in round-robin groups are declared co-champions; final games ending in a tie will also result in both teams being declared co-champions.

Each team will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie. A “no-show” will result in the opponents being awarded three points for a default win. In instances where a team does not appear for their scheduled game, that team shall have 3 points deducted from their total at the end of round-robin play. Field marshals located at each venue are responsible for reporting scores, not the teams.

The results of matches will be recorded and tabulated on the KYSA Slurpee Cup web site (kysacup.kysa.net) AND on scoreboards located at the “tournament house” situated at the KYSA Office, next to field #2. If anyone is in doubt about their standings, visit the KYSA office. Following directives from the BC Soccer Association, no standings will be kept and no awards presented in the U11 and U12 age groups!

Each team will be given four “bronze coloured” Slurpee Cup medals in their package (including U11/U12 teams). The coaching staff of each team is asked to present one medal per game to a player on the opposing team who they consider was the most valuable player in each of the four games that each team will play in the tournament.

Championship medals will be awarded to each team finishing in first-place and second-place in each division (U13 to U18 age groups only). In divisions where a round-robin format is followed, the teams finishing in first- and second-place in the standings after round-robin games have been completed, receive awards. In divisions where two teams meet in a final after preliminary rounds of play have determined the finalists, both teams receive medals. In the case of a tie both teams are declared Co-Champions and receive gold medals. In round robin divisions if two or more teams are tied on points at the end of round robin play, both/all receive appropriate placement medals. All medal presentations will take place in front of the bleachers next to Field #2 on MacArthur Island Park.

All U11/U12 players will receive a “participation” medal. The medals will be supplied to a team official at check-in.

If a winner is determined before the completion of a groupʼs scheduled games, in round-robin groups, medal presentations will take place as soon as a team has qualified for the awards.

In case of a tie in points in a round-robin group, the following tiebreaker method will be used:

  1. Head to head result
  2. Goal difference
  3. Goals against
  4. Coin toss

In the event that there is a color clash, the first-named team on the schedule is designated “home team” and is obliged to change shirts. It is recommended that if a team only carries one jersey, the team bring pinnies in the event of a colour clash.

Normal FIFA Laws will be applied in the tournament, with the following deviations: there will be unlimited substitutions, but only at a stoppage in play and with the refereeʼs consent. The KYSA adheres to FAIR PLAY codes and encourages all teams to play within the spirit and Laws of the Game! Team lists are not required for each individual game. Players who are suspended (either as a result of an automatic suspension or as a result of a tournament organizing committee suspension) are not eligible to participate. Any player currently under suspension from their parent association is not be eligible to participate in the 2016 KYSA Slurpee Cup Tournament.

Players or team officials receiving two yellow cards in one game must serve an automatic one-game suspension in their next scheduled game in the tournament. In the event that a player or team official is dismissed from a game (red carded), that individual must leave the vicinity of the playing field. Players receiving a red card (ejection from game) must serve an automatic one-game suspension. In the event that a player or team official receives more than one red card or is ejected more than once during the tournament, the KYSA organizing committee shall convene to determine an appropriate course of action/penalty. Referees are obliged to report all yellow and red card incidents.

Players accumulating 2 yellow cards in one game will be automatically suspended from their next game. Players accumulating 3 yellow cards in total are automatically suspended from their next game.

All disciplinary reports will be forwarded to the teamʼs/playerʼs parent association.

Any team wishing to file a protest on any game shall do so in writing, stating the grounds for the protest. The protest shall be signed by the team coach or manager. Protests shall be hand-delivered to the KYSA office within 1 hour (60 minutes) of the completion of the game being protested. KYSA officials shall rule on all protests and their decision shall be final. A $50 protest fee must accompany any protest. The fee will be refunded only if the protest is successful.

The objective of this tournament is for the boys and girls to have fun and enjoy playing the great game of soccer. While there is a competitive edge to any tournament, this is NOT LIFE OR DEATH competition and should not be treated as such!

All coaching must be conducted from the sidelines. Please coach within the spirit of the game with respect for your opponents, the referees and your fellow coaches. The tournament organizers recommend that each team and their supporters locate themselves on opposite sides of the playing field.

The selection and appointment of referees and assistant referees for all matches is handled by the Kamloops Soccer Referees Association. Referees and assistant referees will be provided for all U-13 to U-18 division games. Referees (no assistants) will be supplied for all U-11 to U-12 games. All referees in the tournament are CSA/BCSA-certified game officials who actively officiate in Kamloops and other BCSA-member districts.

Game balls are supplied by Umbro Canada, official equipment supplier to the KYSA. Teams should bring a supply of practice balls with them for pre-game warm ups.

Further detail on the location of these parks and maps can be found on the City of Kamloops web site at: webserver.kamloops.ca/imf/imf.jsp?site=Facility

Competition in the Under-11 and Under-12 divisions in this yearʼs KYSA Slurpee Cup will be 8-a-side (Super 8s), including the GK. All normal Laws of the Game will be followed with the exception of the offside rule! Offsides will be called in the “attacking 3rd” of the field only. To assist the referees with calling offsides in this age group, a line will be marked approximately 25-30 yards out from the goal-line.

Please be forewarned that with so many games taking place and other activities going on at the MacArthur Island Park, parking can be a challenge. We suggest that if you are scheduled to play at the park during the tournament, you plan to arrive early to ensure you and your parents are able to find parking. There are no parking meters on MacArthur Island.

In any competitive tournament involving mass participation, there are always problems, issues or challenges that arise which may not be covered in these guidelines. In this event, the KYSA will do everything in its power to make fair and unprejudiced decisions. The Association reserves the right to enact policies or issue decrees that will deal with unforeseen circumstances and/or situations.

One of the biggest problems experienced at previous tournaments is the amount of garbage that is left in the area where the teams situate themselves on the sidelines. Please be sure to pick-up all garbage, bottles and tape after each game and place in garbage containers when your team leaves the field!

A clearly identified field marshal, all of whom will have cell phones, will be located at each complex. Field marshal reports all scores to the tournament house where standings are tabulated and posted. Coaches do not have to report scores.

St. John Ambulance volunteers will be located next to the KYSA office throughout the tournament.

Any items that are turned in, or found at any of the parks, will be collected at the KYSA office on MacArthur Island.


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